Our Staff



Mark Dougan (Associate Pastor)
Started at Living Faith 1997
I’ve had the honor of working with Living Faith Church for over 21 years. What youth face and how they face it has changed over these years. However, the importance of youth ministries has not lessened. In fact, I would say a strong youth program is more important to the local church now than ever. It’s more important now because we want to encourage the next generation to own the church. We want to develop programs that give youth and young adults opportunities to lead.
In 1994, I started my first part-time paid youth ministry position and had a few years of large church experience. In 1996, I graduated from Northwestern College, now University of Northwestern-St Paul, with a double major in Bible and Youth Ministries. In 1997, I accepted my first full-time youth ministry position at Galilee Baptist Church, now Living Faith Church. Coming to Galilee was a young youth pastor’s dream. I had a number of adult volunteers who wanted to continue to be involved, and eager teens.
Beyond working with children and youth, I get to enjoy so many other aspects of church life, including family and adult ministries, and being part of the adult teaching and preaching teams. I love my staff, our staff meetings and times of prayer, and opportunities to be involved in worship. What a great place to be working!
There's nothing better than walking with families as they grow in a friendship with God. Christ gives purpose and direction in my life, and what a joy it is to see him to do the same in others.
Paula Jacobs (Administrative Assistant)
Started at Living Faith 2018

I started my adult life as a summer missionary in northern Minnesota leading VBS and working at an area Bible camp. In my early 20’s, I was heavily involved with the singles ministry at First Covenant Church in downtown Minneapolis.
In 1985, Dennis and I started attending Living Faith Church. We had just moved to the area and were looking for a church to raise our family in.
God has taught me that regardless of our circumstances, He will meet us where we are. In my case, it was raising a medically fragile child. It has taught me to be sensitive to those who are going through difficult times and hopefully be a support by encouraging them with God’s love.
God has been gracious in providing jobs that were flexible and worked well with my family. My career has consisted of about 29 years working in clinical database development, systems development and integration, and data management. As Administrative Assistant here at Living Faith, I have the opportunity to serve multiple roles. If you have question, feel free to contact the church office and I will work to get you the information you need.


Mike Wisniewski (Worship Director)
Started at Living Faith 2018

I have been blessed to grow up in Living Faith Church since I was born. I have seen changes come and go in the church, and I can now say I was a part of one, becoming the worship director here. I'm passionate about music, so being able to bring what I love, and use it to serve the Lord and His church, fill me with joy like few other things can. 

I went to school at The Art Institutes International of Minnesota (try saying that five times fast), graduated with a degree in Media Arts and Animation, and am currently also working at Drive Thru Productions, helping them with CG elements in commercials. Music, however, has continued to pull me towards something more. Having led the youth's worship team during my time in high school, and leading the sunday services as a volunteer on and off, becoming the worship director here was really a no-brainer for me. 

I believe that music is a gift from God that few other things match. You're able to express your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions in a way that can't be compared or explained with mere words, and share that expression freely. I love hearing from others when music moves them, gets them thinking, because it means so much more than we normally understand. Abiding in that music that God gives to us, and being able to set those thoughts into motion with the songs we play at church is truly a blessing.




Eric Resler (Spiritual Formation Director)
Started at Living Faith 2012.

I have the privilege of serving part time at Living Faith Church. In my position I currently lead in the areas of community and development at LFC. We began attending Living Faith because we had a few friends here and the youth programs are exceptional. We’ve stayed because we don’t have to have it all together when we are here, but we can figure out our journey as we go.
My journey has brought me to a place where I want to create a safe place for others to rest, recover, question, and learn. In a place of safety I believe that God can empower each of us to take the next steps in our journey. I also believe that these things best happen in community, and we’re trying to build connections where we can love God and all the people in our lives well.
My day job involves working in the marketing and analytics arena of big data since 2001. I’m a full time consultant for companies around the U.S. I get to help companies understand their data and build beautiful dashboards to visualize the vast amount of data they collect in a meaningful way.
My ministry experience includes some youth work, full time work with the Navigators at UWEC and SDSU, a Masters of Divinity at Bethel Seminary, being involved in a house church, and now a part time pastoral role with Living Faith Church.
The personal side of my life is far more interesting. My wife Rachel and I met before college. We were married in 1994 and still love hanging out together. We also have passion for teaching together and helping people build stronger healthier relationships. We have three above-average children (cue Garrison Keillor). They are creative, active, spontaneous, and constantly challenging me with their diverse personalities, free flowing opinions, and sharp wit. They are my favorite parts of my every day.
Nancy Benson (Children's Ministry Director)
Started at Living Faith 2019
My family and I began attending Living Faith Church in the spring of 2011. At that time, it was the children’s and youth ministries that caught our attention. It has been a great place for our children to learn and grow in their relationship with the Lord and develop long term friendships. Over the years that has happened for me as well. I’m thankful to be a part of this church.

Prior to coming to LFC, I was involved in two different church plants as well as other established churches. I volunteered in many different roles, but always in children’s ministries. I enjoy working with children of all ages.

My working career began with data entry/customer service. I was blessed to be able to be at home full time when my kids were young. And I continue to homeschool our youngest child. I am excited to be helping coordinate children’s ministries here at LFC.

The Bible is God’s story of His love and faithfulness to us. God is faithful and no experience is wasted when we let Him work in our lives. I know this to be true in my own life. My prayer for the children of LFC is that they understand God’s great love and faithfulness.




Joyce and John Lund (Custodian/Sanitation Engineer)
Started at Living Faith 2009

We have lived in the area for 33 years, and have been members of Living Faith for almost that long. We've enjoyed our association with the people at LFC as custodians for the past 10 years.