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Welcome to Living Faith Church! We are glad you are interested in learning more about our church community and sincerely hope you choose to visit us. At Living Faith Church, attendees can be known and cared for, share their gifts, and grow in their faith. Our goal is to be a blessing to each other and our community. We are an inter-generational community that focuses on serving the needs of families. This includes strong children’s and youth programs, adult fellowship, and active retirees.

We are committed to loving well and lowering barriers. Our aim is to love God and each other, and to show the world the radical love Jesus has for each person. We believe this starts by meeting people where they are in their life story to create an environment of grace that builds a bridge to the community.


Living Faith is located in the Minneapolis-St. Paul suburb of Circle Pines, MN, at the intersection of North Road and Lexington Avenue. We have services in person and online at 10:00am every Sunday!

About Us


Our vision is to love well and lower barriers while helping people journey in their faith in Christ.



Would you rather: only have a spoon or fork to use for

every meal?

There are so many parts of my job that are great, but I love to bring the Word to life. The Bible is full of truth that is transformational at its core.  One of the blessings of my job is seeing that transformational truth intersect with our lives and begin that process of making us more like the person Jesus wants us to be.


More of Him… Less of Me!


Lead Pastor

Beyond working with children and youth, I get to enjoy so many other aspects of church life, including family and adult ministries, and being part of the adult teaching and preaching teams. I love our staff meetings and times of prayer, and opportunities to be involved in worship. What a great place to be working!

There's nothing better than walking with families as they grow in a friendship with God. Christ gives purpose and direction in my life, and what a joy it is to see him to do the same in others.


Would you rather:

swim in a pool of nutella or a pool of maple syrup?



Associate Pastor


Would you rather: have to talk only using knock knock jokes, or cheesy pickup lines?


While you can worship God in many different ways, I believe that music is a gift from God that few other things match. You're able to express your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions in a way that can't be compared or explained with mere words, and share that expression freely. I love hearing from others when music moves them, gets them thinking, because it means so much more than we understand. Abiding in that music that God gives to us, and being able to set those thoughts into motion with the songs we play at church, is truly a blessing.


Worship Director

Living Faith drew me in because of its size and its fun family events.  I am thrilled to be part of children's ministry here.  I enjoy teaching, singing, dancing and interacting with the children. I love how excited they are to learn about Jesus.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for me and Living Faith's next generation.

Would you rather:
Live in a house on a floating cloud or an underground home?

Kerry Schulte

Children's Director


Would you rather: fight 100 duck-sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck?

After working in the humanitarian sector for several years, I joined the team at Living Faith with the intention of doing meaningful work in an efficient and empathetic way. My goal is to empower our staff, volunteers, and congregation to grow in their individual and communal callings as followers of Christ. I am so grateful to be a part of an energetic team with a shared vision as we strive to show our faith in every interaction. When I’m not brainstorming around new projects and ways to get you involved, you can find me hanging out with my family and overweight cat, Cash.

Bekah Kirby

Church Administrator

I have had the blessing of attending Living Faith Church for over 40 years. My children grew up in the church and truthfully I can’t imagine not being a part of this church family. I think of Living Faith as a community of believers who care and enjoy worshipping and growing in their faith together. My greatest joy has always been volunteering and I’ve worn many hats over the years. As a retired administrator I felt led to volunteer as a part time bookkeeper. It is not only a privilege but a joy to work with the staff in this capacity.  


Would you rather: have a personal maid or a personal chef?

Pam Roach


Our Team
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